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Café Varzé Jazz


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I was first introduced to Don Varzé’s music in January, 2001 when Don hired me to play on one of his demo sessions. A few months after the session the Varzé brothers, Don and Ron approached me with the idea of recording a jazz CD of Don’s original music for commercial release with me as the featured artist. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. The reason for my interest in this project is that I was very impressed with the high quality of Don’s music. His melodies are strong and well crafted, each tune has a distinct character and his harmonies are sound and a joy to solo over.

I would like to take this opportunity; therefore, to thank Don and Ron Varzé’s for inviting me to make this CD with them.
I commend Don on his chart writing and I congratulate my fellow band members on their excellent musicianship and awesome solos. I would also like to point out that Barry Allen performed multiple tasks on this recording project and as usual, performed each task beautifully. Thank you Barry for your outstanding contribution to our project. The CD sounds great!

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